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Out of a crowd about how to step over blocks and limiting beliefs barring your path to happiness and success in life.

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...helps to answer tough questions, make decisions and balance your business and personal life.

Intuition is a powerful tool which all people have, but few care to use. How to put it at work?


    My name is Katya Dmitrieva, I’m Life Coach.

From an early age I have been fascinated with people, their minds, and their endless possibilities and talents. This childhood interest has influenced my whole life as I have always chosen professions where I could serve people.

After receiving Master’s Degree in Public Relations I worked as a PR professional. Then I shifted gears and worked as Human Resource professional. I kept searching as I knew there was yet a different, more fulfilling and exciting way for me to help others.

I trained to be a medium, I took Reiki classes, Isha foundation meditation workshops, and completed Munay Ki initiation. This helped me to awaken my intuition and find my purpose in life.

As I decided to become a life coach all of a sudden everything became clear and felt just right. I received coaching certification from iPEC Institute, one of the best life coaching programs in the country, and have started my life coaching practice.

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I went through a tough search for a life purpose myself, and I want to help you  to find a truly fulfilling life .

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