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We have every potential to succeed and live a full life. However, we tend to hold on to things that hinder us from living the life we want. We often discourage ourselves by negative thinking, going  back to old habits, falling pray to fear of change. We don’t deserve to live with a feeling that happiness is somewhere else!

Reaching for the Rainbow

Like an Olympic champion who works with a coach to win the competition, we need a professional to help us explore our strengths and to reach the maximum of our potential. Life coaching helps to make conscious choices which are not based on assumptions or  fear. As a life coach I'd like to help you believe in yourself, and achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams to build the life you deserve.

Life coaching helps!

In my practice, I've been working with a successful client in her late forties who realized hat she was not happy with what she did for living. This is what she identified what stopped her from changing her life:

  1. Fear of not reaching the same success

  2. Assumption that it was too late to start over

  3. Not feeling good enough to go through this big life transition.

As a life coach I helped her determine if her doubts were right.

To resolve the first concern we looked at her past and brought out the strengths that made her successful before. Then we determined how her strengths might help her reaching the same level of success. It turned out that her strengths would definitely help with her new endeavor and she could truly rely on herself in this respect.

To address the second concern we explored her values and belief system. We found out that her fear related to her age was based on a mismatch of value to be successful with a belief that she was too old to change. Then we analyzed the blocking beliefs as follows:

  1. She thinks that with age it may take longer to learn. However, she likes to learn new things and study.

  2. She is afraid of what other people might say about her giving up everything and starting something totally different. As we discussed this issue,  we came to a conclusion that other people may respect her more for having courage and strength to follow the path of her choice.

  3. She will be a new grad with no experience competing with younger people. But then I helped her realize that she had a lot of applicable work experience which will give her a great competitive edge in the job market.

For the last concern we had to go through a process of attacking not-good-enough fears, or so called Gremlin work. The Gremlin is not always bad. It protects us against going through negative experience over and over. However, the Gremlins tend to overprotect blocking us from reaching the potential positive effects. With this lady, her fear of change originated in her childhood when her farther left her mother for a younger woman. It was first time when she felt not good enough and it was a very strong negative feeling giving birth to her Gremlin. To give him new job we sent him new message that the change will be positive this time. Since she was very enthusiastic about potential outcome there was nothing to protect against. The last concern was resolved.

How does it work?